Monday, October 13, 2014


Yep, the announcement result had just come. I got the award of most amazing background. Though I'm still huffing for not getting the 1st prize (hahahah how narcissistic I could be?), at least I'm still grateful than the last. And the fact the committee still appreciate my drawing pleases me. The most exciting is of course this drawing had delivered me a bunch of watchers. I could tell that some of them beginning to be a loyal watcher and always come back to my newest art. Gooooood thing ahaha

Also, this makes me become more confident in polishing my background drawing skill. I will draw with more complex background I promise. So I could open commission at DA finally :D

Yeeaaay, I'm so happy :D

Friday, October 10, 2014

72 Hours to Finish This Drawing

Hmm too tired to type anything. Just click the link below if you really want to know what does this artwork means XD

I'm joining a contest again. So basically after I finished the drawing in this picture on 30th September, I was going Spartan again to finish the drawing above on 5th September. The good thing of joining contests in DA is, mostly the committee are living abroad, in countries with a long long gap of time difference. Hehehehhe... So I basically finished the drawing in tomorrow morning of the deadline (6th September), which was 5th September at night in the committee's time area.

Now I'm just waiting for the result. Hopefully I'm lucky this time. Not like the last time. Grrrgggh. Still the committee haven't decided the winners yet. Which is could be a good thing, meant that they really try to judge it properly. Not like the previous contest I joined, in which the winner was announced 1 day after the contest ended. *fuck. As if they actually had already the winners on their minds. Urgh.

And now I still have 2 drawings to finish on 14th October. Plus 50 pages of translation for 14th October. Zzzzz... I do really have a busy happy life, don't I?


Monday, September 15, 2014


I dunno since when I become so addicted to draw... I can't stop. I don't care about anything else. I just wanna draw till I dawn, even till die. But...

Isn't all of these just the copies of reality? Why am I so into it? But...

Is it wrong to be so passionate about what you like in your life? it OK to just shut off anything but draw?

Is it reality?

Is this reality really okay?

I don't wanna be messed up...

Not anymore...

I don't want to be drifted away from my real goal...

I've been dragged into my own Dark Neverland...

and I'll drag you with me!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Got The Third Place on The Mini Contest!!! XD

Well, last time I in this posting I've told you about how I struggle to finish the artwork above only for 48 hours and broke my own record :D

Did I win?

Did I win?
Did I win?

Well...honestly...a lot of people joining the contest. Maybe about 20 people? For a mini contest on Deviant Art, it's a real number, Dude! Sooo... after I'm waiting for this whole week finally they announce the result THIS NIGHT.


I got the 3rd place! Hoooraaay? XD

Strangely I kinda got a premonition that I'll get third place >_< Kinda like a deja vu or something? So when I did my regular pray this afternoon suddenly I remembered this contest (weeell...I know I shouldn't think about anything else whenever I'm doing regular bad :p :p), and I was worried that I won't get any place. I was highly confident actually. But as time went by my confidence level dropped. Especially after my mum chose other artwork as her favorites when I showed her the gallery of entries >n<...

So... while I was doing my regular pray a sudden thought passed by, "Maybe I'll at least got the third place?"

And IT'S TRUE! AND THAT WHAT MAKES IT LITTLE SCARY! (do I have certain 6th sense power??? LOL)

Well if you ask me whether it's worthy considering the amount of time I spent for finishing the artwork... depends on...

My father might be just snorted and said, "Only get that???"


But I guess it's a good step forward for me, that some people miles away across the ocean are rather choose my artwork among the others to win the 3rd place. I'll have to be grateful. And the most important, I have to train my skill more, so more people will acknowledge my art (including my own dearly parents...pfff). I have to train my pencil color artwork, so it could be compete against those digital artworks (the first place and the second place were done digitally, and they're really smooth and good...)

Well...this is the second time I win something from Deviant Art... (hey, when was the first? I'll tell you later xD)


More competitions I plan to enter, I hope I'll have the luck just like this one, probably better?

Thank you God! Thank you Fleur! Thank you the judges! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

48 Hours Draw (Breaking My Own Record!!!)

Fleur and Yumiko, the OCs of some artists in Deviant Art. Seems like they are a real couple in the real life

I draw this picture, only for about 48 hours! Precisely I started drawing from 14th August, 10.00 p.m till today's 09.00 a.m. I felt like I was possessed to draw that fast (it is considered pretty rapid for me who's really slow at drawing that sometimes I could even need months and years to finish one piece of artwork!)

This is drawn by using reference. Of course with many modifications as usual. When I started drawing the cats, then all the fun began! XD I don't wanna to make the couple alone just by themselves anyway. It's like my own personal policy to keep my arts still PG 13+ and under hahaha :D (I could say that this is my most intimate pose... that's why we need those cats around ahaha)

I have to draw many straight lines here oh my...(and finally I use my ruler to the max!). Also Iadd so many objects there. After I finished them all this morning, I felt like my right fingers went numb and felt like I have to sleep for days to recharge!

Basically I'm both relieved and quite satisfied with the result, yet the grainy looks on all over place makes me want to mourn X(

I really want to create a smooth arts using my pencil color someday. Ugh! Have to train more!

Well, so now I have to start pray and cross my fingers so I'll be the winner and get the prize as well ahahah :D I really want to show to my family that I could get something from my own art :D

Wish me luck guyz!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP I'm Doing Now

Yep, now I'm drawing a fanart of CLAMP's X/1999 Dragons of Earth and one training doodle featuring Rayvision's OCs: Himiko and Momo Tsugunaga. Yeah, SHUT UP AND DRAW! DRAW OR DIE! DRAW TILL DAWN! XD XD XD

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Could something cure this loneliness?
Could someone fill this emptiness?
For I'm sure that I was born not into nothingness...